Fabian SchÜlbe

  Fabian SchÜlbe born in Leipzig, Germany 1982
  From the lonely island to the urban jungle - Fabian Schülbe left Gran Canaria in order to dedicate himself to photography in Berlin. Here he found the motives that make up his artistic self-understanding scrapped factories instead of Palm trees, from the midst of life instead of holiday-feelings. His penchant for black and white photography, which characterized his work from the beginning, is stuck with it. As at that time, at his first steps with the analog camera of his sister. Real, unique and unvarnished - this is what fascinated him out. And so are his photographs. His eye for the special in the ordinary, the second of the moment, and a certain playfulness characterise his works.
  - exhibition in 2010 at "48 STUNDEN NEUKÖLLN 2010" festival of arts
  - awarded by F/Stop, Saturn "Trust me" in 2007